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What Is Wifesharing? Or Why Is It Necessary to Share Your HotWife with Another Man.


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Have you ever thought about sharing your wife with another man?

The thought of sharing your wife sexually with another man can be a turn-off for some, but a very exciting turn-on for others. For couples it can be a great way to add a little adventure and reignite a dull sex life. Let's say you've been married to your wife for a long time, and the spark in your relationship needs rekindling. And in the case of many marriages, engaging in this kind of sexual experience can breathe fresh air into your lovemaking.
Wifesharing has become a very popular concept in the modern world. More and more men confess that they enjoy watching other men have sex with their wives. Although some people may consider this to be a bad thing, it can really help to mend failing relationships and marriages. It is also a great way to bring more heated passion into the relationship.
Men are mentally programmed to chase and compete. Men actually care who they have sex with. When a man sees his wife having sex with another male partner, he experiences a feeling of jealousy and excitement from this kind of sex with the woman he loves. These feelings in turn evoke a sense of competition for the wife and also increase her sexual attraction.
For some men there is no better way to be excited than to watch another man having sex with his wife. Men are highly visual beings. Their sexual side is largely controlled and stimulated by what they see. When a husband watches his wife bring another man into the family bedroom and have sex with him, it draws forth primitive animal instincts from secret nooks of the subconscious where males are inherently programmed to feel protective of females. At this point, the husband feels like a male at a street dogs mating when you have to stand in a queue to screw a single bitch. In addition to a powerful adrenaline rush, such experiences bring new sensations to the couple, a new outlook on that which has become mundane and ordinary, and provide the necessary fresh boost to the couple’s relationship. Oddly enough, it's a fact. Partners who exchange this "forbidden fruit" deliver pleasure to each other, and this becomes a source of strengthening the trust of the spouses to each other and of mutual respect.
Between the husband and the guest sex lover there is a partnership spirit of rivalry, which forces the husband to work more on his technique, to stay healthy and to keep himself in good shape.
The principle is simple: a man shares his wife with one or more men, and also participates in the sexual experience. And this provides an equal partnership between all the participants. A man is going to share his wife with someone, not give her away or lose her. Many couples who have been together for a long time are experimenting with this new lifestyle experience in order to improve their love lives.
The term "Wifesharing" means that your wife can have sex with another man. In most cases, husbands are happy to watch their wife enjoying this experience. They can also take pleasure in hearing about, watching, or knowing about the adventures of their wives. From time to time husbands may be part of this arrangement by setting meeting dates for their wives or by participating in threesomes.
When sharing, they can enjoy their true freedom and embody their erotic dreams without harming their partner and not changing who they are. Many report that it even turns them on when their partner is watching them - whether it’s a man or a woman.
Like cuckold, this may be due to the fact that the partners are observing each other, but in this experience there are usually no nuances of humiliation. However, there exists the possibility of bisexual encounters, sperm tasting and other "deviations" that can provide unique pleasure during the sharing of the wife.

Sharing your wife with another man on your own initiative and preparedness can lead to the following:
  • It's a good way to learn new tricks and help your wife get the full satisfaction she wants and enjoys:
Some men who possess a lot of sexual experience will induce a woman to do such sexual things that she wouldn’t normally do with her husband, delivering to her deep multiple orgasms. This will help the wife receive the full sexual satisfaction she desires, and her husband will learn to do what the other guy is doing, and therefore, he too can start driving her crazy.
So if you feel that for one reason or another you can't satisfy her in the bedroom, you should just let her have sex with another man. In the process you will be able to learn one or two things that will help you satisfy her the next time you have sex.

  • It helps prevent cheating:
Cheating is very prevalent in many marriages today. Some men have realized that the only way to prevent cheating is to allow their wives to have sex with other men. When a man practices wifesharing, he will not feel cheated.

  • It will allow you to enjoy different poses:
There are such sexual positions, such as double penetration, which you cannot achieve without wifesharing. The moment you decide to invite another man to your party will change your life forever. When there are three of you, you will be able to explore various new adventures in your sex life. This will help you have a good time and avoid a situation where you will be exposed to a boring, tedious relationship.

  • Enjoy maximum pleasure:
There are some sexual movements that you can't do when you're in a monogamous relationship, but things will change completely when you decide to share your wife with another man. You will avoid monotony in your relationship with the act of sharing. There will be no more situations where you will be bored to the extent that your wife loses complete interest in your sexual relationship. Wifesharing allows your wife to attract the attention of another man during sexual intercourse. If you are among those who gets really excited when you watch a woman having sex with another man, then sharing your wife with another man will give you enormous pleasure.

At first glance, the trend of "Wifesharing" is very similar to "SWING" or "Cuckolding". But this is a totally different game.
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