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What is a cuckold relationship or cuckolding?

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Let's find out what cuckolding is: the reasons and hidden motives of the participants.

Cuckolding – a form of deviant sexual behavior that combines group sex and sadomasochism. One of the sexual epidemics of the XXI century. Porn industry is full of stories on this topic. Previously, people were afraid of their partner's cheating and tried their best to avoid it. And now a new deviant trend is being discovered – a person experiences sexual arousal by fantasizing about a real or fictional cheating of a permanent partner. And some couples realize these fantasies in cuckolding. In this couple the husband is called cuckold, wife - hotwife. The partner who is invited to the pair is a dominant man, or "bull".
Let's look at the origin of the term. "Cuckoo" (cuckoo) – a bird that throws its eggs into other people's nests. And "cock" - penis, old – an "old" or inactive penis.

Scenario options
  1. A husband rents his wife out for a few days or hours to one or more men. The terms of the "lease" are negotiated in advance. After returning, the wife provides her husband with a video recording of cheating.
  2. Couple invites man. The husband prepares the wife, "warms up" her-in fact, excites her to pass her to the dominant man - BULL. The wife and the dominant man perform sexual intercourse in front of her husband. At the same time, the wife shows her pleasure to her husband in every possible way. The husband does not enter into sexual contact, only watches and masturbates. In this scenario, the initiator of sex is the husband.
  3. The initiator of cuckolding – hot wife. The woman and the dominant man - BULL feminize the husband - "turn him into a girl". This is expressed in the fact that the husband along with the wife, "as a woman", participates in sexual intercourse with the dominant man. The husband gives him oral sex, licks the bull's sperm from the genitals of his wife. In the end, the BULL has anal sex with him. BULL in the active position, the husband is passive. In fact, this is a scenario of "castration of the husband", where he is humiliated (with his consent). Both the husband and wife go to the implementation of this scenario on their own. So it's not about rape. This scenario is called "Ultimate Cuckold".
Types of ultimate cuckold
  • Chastity – when a wife puts a "cock cage male - chastity device" on her husband's genitals. A man wears it all the time. There is a hole in the belt for urination. A chastity belt is a special device made of soft metal, wood, or alloy. It can be locked or programmed. The key to the "barn lock" is kept by the wife. All sexual behavior of the husband is regulated by the wife and the dominant man. Insemination – the wife has sex with her husband in a condom, and with her lover-without, the husband raises children from the lover. The lover has no right to them.
  • In ads on theme-based dating sites, couples who practice cuckolding describe their preferences as follows: "I am looking for a lover for my wife with a decent size from 18 cm, attentive and delicate", " I am looking for a strong man, my husband – slave without taboos", "looking for status, generous man, waiting for a gift from him, taught her husband off and put a condom on a lover, ready to have a child lover", "looking for a strong man with decent size from 19 cm, my hubby loves to dress as a girl, ready to suck, loves strap on", "looking for a friend and a lover, familiar with the topic of cuckolding who is willing to do a joint vacation at a resort with full payment from your side" and so on.
Reasons of cuckolding
  1. Realization of sadomasochistic desires. In the pair, the "submission – dominance" scenario is played out with a clear distribution of roles. In this case, the role of the masochist is assumed by the husband, the roles of sadists are distributed between the wife and her lover (BULL). Both partners, husband and wife, benefit from this scenario. More often in such a marriage there are people with complementary psychopathology – one mental disorder compensates for another.
  2. Sexual disorder or weak sexual constitution of a man. A husband cannot satisfy his wife's "appetites". This leads to a lack of sexual energy in the couple. To make up for it, kukolding is chosen – a more "testosterone male with a big cock" is invited. The big huge penis – in the eyes of most-is a symbol of male power. For a while, the energy in the pair is replenished. When "alfa male" for any reason, ceases to participate in cuckolding, is rolled back. The couple becomes unable to take sexual energy and they can no longer produce it inside the couple and do not want to.
  3. In sexual scenarios where the husband enters into homosexual contact, it is a question of latent homosexual attraction. The husband may not be aware of or recognize this attraction because of an internal moral conflict. In real life, he is afraid to embody his homosexual fantasies. Implementation in a group format is perceived by a man as safe. He passes the responsibility on to his wife, as it were. The wife is the initiator and legalize his homosexuality. This is related to the dressing of men in women's clothing, and licking the lover's sperm from the female genitals. So the husband wants to identify with male sexuality. He does not feel like a man, for this he needs a dominant man - BULL.

Women's motives
  1. Lust for revenge on a man. This happens in the scenario where she is the initiator. And you don't have to take revenge on your husband. In the person of her husband, she takes revenge on all men. The purpose of her revenge is to castrate the male principle. That's why the loyalty belt is used, because she so clearly demonstrates her superiority to her husband. The message is "look what I'm doing in front of you", "I don't care about your feelings", and so on. In this scenario, the active-aggressive role of the wife is provided. She humiliates her husband not only by sexual intercourse with another man, but also by using special words that she says to her husband during sex with another. In fact, in this scenario, a woman competes with men. The lover is used as a means to humiliate the husband.
  2. Transfer of responsibility to the husband for pleasure. Inside-a masochistic attitude. A woman has a ban on pleasure in sex, formed as a result of upbringing. The "good girl" syndrome does not allow her to take the initiative and openly talk about her desires in sex. If a man, ignoring her ban, forces her to have sex, then all the responsibility and "guilt" falls on him. This means that you can only get pleasure when you are forced. This is how the sexual scenario of female masochism is laid. It can be both in monogamous relationships, and when a man literally corrupts a woman – in the format of sex "GangBang".

Why can't a couple create sexual energy within a relationship? Because they do not know how to build a relationship as two adults, and this creates the prerequisites for deviation. Sexuality in such a couple is immature. Why does a wife need a cuckold husband, a little boy? To control the relationship. Why? Because of the fear that if her control weakened, her husband would become a danger to her. "A free husband is a dangerous husband." He may become interested in another woman, or just leave. The wife is not ready to accept a man's mature sexuality.

Why does a cuckold husband need a hot wife? Because she's more of a mother to him than a wife. With my mother calmly, she gives clear instructions, puts the "miracle device" on the penis. That is, the wife completely controls the life of the husband. The relationship becomes child-parent, sexual energy is at zero. But relationships are so valuable and vital that it is unthinkable to give them up. Therefore, a third character appears – another man - lover. The couple's attraction is restored. As if the balance was found.

Why would a dominant man (BULL) do that? He thinks it's better to sleep with someone else's wife than with a prostitute. He is asserting himself – "I am an alpha male, I have sex with another man's wife, and her husband is watching." Here is a variant of winning the competition. When the script cuckolding is fixed, the couple can no longer get pleasure from "traditional" sex. A third person is constantly needed to fill the emotional hole in the relationship. Over time, the deviant scenario unfolds. The husband, ceasing to participate in vaginal sex, as it were, turns off his sexual function. If at first he only plays the role of impotent, over time he completely turns into it. The woman has progressive psychoemotional and sexual problems. By splitting her personality and sexuality, she loses touch with her nature. And the dominant man wanders from couple to couple. He also does not know how to build close relationships, preferring promiscuity and games in the alpha male. What can two children (husband and wife) do to diversify their lives? Fill it with games. That's why cuckold is a "sandbox game" where a husband, wife and lover play with each other and their genitals, as small children build sand castles.
If a couple is satisfied with such a relationship, then so be it...
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