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Spanking Your Wife or Girlfriend

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Would you like an experienced man to punish your wife by spanking her ass before fucking her?

  • I'm for spanking my wife's ass before sex!

  • I'm against it!

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How do you feel about a good spanking of your woman?
Would you like to watch an experienced strong man punish your naughty wife by spanking her ass with whip or paddle before fucking her?
The act of spanking is key component for submission and dominance, which can be very sexy in and of itself. Did you know that an experienced partner-master starts to with light and gentle caresses, warming up your wife - lightly rubbing her buttocks, stroking her asshole and genitals between spanks, and finally switch to good, full-blown spanking!
It will help your woman achieve powerful orgasm easier or may be possible to make her orgasm from spanking alone!


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I think that spanking during sex is a biggest turn on – especially for hot slutty wife.
It will increase her sexual desires and make her want her bull even more.