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Psychologists have called 'cuckold' a factor of stability in the relationship

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Psychologists have found that the so-called cuckold can be positive for a relationship in some couples. This term refers to a situation in which a wife cheats on her husband with his consent. Not all married couples practice fidelity partners to each other. If husbands and wives openly have sex with other people, it is called 'wife swapping' or 'swinging', but if only the wife cheating, and the husband does not have such a right, and he positively perceives this situation, it is called - 'cuckolding'. It is derived from the English name of the cuckoo bird, which is not very loyal to its male.
Some men who prefer cuckolding even bring breakfast in bed in the morning to their wives who sleep with their lovers. Men go to such humiliations because they perceive them positively from a psychological point of view, and some even get sexual pleasure from this suppression of their own masculinity and the breakdown of social norms. Mention of the practice cuckold found in literature in the 13th century.
And now researchers from the United States have found that for some couples, 'cuckold' can be quite a positive experience, and it does not always speak of a man's weakness. The authors of the study studied thousands of Americans, and it turned out that 58% of men, as well as about one in three women, had already fantasized about 'cuckolding'.
Men think about it more often, because their role in this relationship is more unusual, but women also often do not see anything wrong with it.
Psychologists believe that for some couples, 'cuckolding' is a powerful source of sexual arousal, especially at the stage when partners lose intimate interest in each other in a monogamous relationship. In some cases, partners are only limited to fantasies about the cuckold, in others-they embody this kind of fantasy in life. Observations have shown that cuckolding is not always destructive for the family, on the contrary, sometimes it even strengthens the relationship of the spouses. It all depends on the degree of honesty, sociability and mutual values!


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I used to be modest, reserved, but I always wanted to be a little 'bad girl'. In conversations with my husband, I tried to smoothly bring him to the topic of hotwife - cuckold, by hints and watching porn with similar stories, you know, when a neighbor comes to visit a married woman, they start having sex and then the husband returns, but resourceful heroes-lovers somehow reduce everything to a joke, and the husband pretends that nothing terrible happened. I was very sexually aroused by such cuckold stories, and one day my beloved hubby offered to make them a reality. Seeing how my eyes burn after intimate meetings and sex with other men, he himself became happier, I think! Since he himself became involved in servicing my lovers!