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Perfect Bull for Hotwife

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Every married cuckold couple dreams of finding their ideal bull, one who is manliness, muscular, healthy and passionate, but trying to define the perfect well-hung stud simply can’t be done as each hotwife’s ideal lover differs in some way or the other.
But when seeking or choosing a sexy lover for your hot wife when beginning her friendship and when it comes to real interracial cuckold meeting new bulls, it's important to consider how their personal traits and qualities align with your own; there's no sense in forging a relationship of cuckolding with someone who doesn't share your family values and needs...

Who is an perfect bull?
How would you describe an perfect bull?
What are the best qualities a perfect bull has?
What are the characteristics of an ideal well-hung stud?
What are the most important personality traits in your ideal bulls and what are your plans for the future?

This topic of the excellent qualities for bulls to have seeks to take opinions from a variety of cuckold couples, hot wives, cuckoldresses, well-hung studs and compile them into one discussion highlighting the best qualities in perfect bulls.


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If you are a candidate seeking to become an ideal bull to breeding and seeding another man's hot wife, you should definitely work on cultivating these traits!


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I already talked about this earlier, in another topic.

Sexual heroism - A lover must have the talent of god in satisfying my HotWife. He should be able to deliver her orgasms much more than her horned husband can. The main component of this relationship is the size of the penis - the more bull's cock, the more cuckold and hot wife idolize him.

Stamina and rapid recovery of potency - if this bull can fuck my hot wife for an hour, then my ten-minute attempts are even more insignificant.

Gallons of cum - for the pleasure of the hotwife and the humiliation of her horned husband.

Self-confidence and an atmosphere of power - the dominant bull must be able to control both, and the hot wife and her cuckold using his inner strength. This does not mean physical threats at all. On the contrary,

Self-confidence and inner strength have a great dominant effect. The hotwife will be malleable under such force, and the cuckold will carry out all his commands.

Willingness to sometimes connect to the process of a cuckold - all cuckolds feel excessive love for his wife, when after the main part of this scenario are watching her beating in convulsions of orgasm. Such relations should concern all three participants - the cuckold is not obliged and may not participate, but his needs must be fulfilled (the need to be sure that his beloved wife has been fucked properly and the need to be humiliated). He readily gives his wife to the bull, but he must be absolutely sure that this will in no way affect their marriage. He will be happy, to love his hotwife, to take care of her financially, transferring to the lover his marital rights to her as long as such relations continue.

Sexual openness -the dominant bull does not necessarily have to be bisexual, but he must be willing (in order of supervision and humiliation of the cuckold) to use the horned husband sexually, at least to a limited extent. This approach may differ in different ways, but the real humiliation of a heterosexual cuckold is when he realizes that he is being controlled so much that he not only licks and eats the cum from his wife's fresh fucked pussy, but also sucks the big cock of a man who fucked her. The main factor of such control is the control over the orgasm of the cuckold. The dominant bull must suppress her hubby so much that he agrees to give the bull the power over his orgasm. Many horned hubbies want to cum and finish the game. The dominant bull must control the sexual discharge of the cuckold (for example, with the help of a male chastity device), so that thoughts about this are ALWAYS in the head of the cuckold, and such control was a gift for him. This is of course all individual and can vary from person to person.

The physical presence during such games is wonderful. The visual presentation is also very stimulating, but you will ask a question about the dominant role of the bull - why? For me, the understanding that this well-hung stud is MORE suitable for satisfying my hotwife is the basis of such a lifestyle. I agree that humiliation is not a mandatory aspect of such cuckolding relationships. Some husbands prefer their relationship as a cuckold to be based only on permissions. The husband must once give permission to the bull to use his wife. Not permission that "he can", and permission in the form of "recognition of the power". Your recognition that he has big cock, that he is probably the best lover, that he has the right to fuck your beloved hot wife, that you like the humiliating role of watching him fuck your wife in front of you or you just know about it.

"Be a cuckold" in different ways. There are many levels of cuckold. This may be the above system of permissions, in a playful way and, on the other hand, it may be a complete feminization and subordination of the husband to his hotwife and bull. The role played by a horned husband may change over time. Such changes, if they are correctly expressed to the hotwife, make it possible to get great pleasure from such a relationship. HotWife can close her cuckold husband in the chastity device, and give the key to her bull. Then the bull or HotWife will totally control the cuckold husband and ensure his complete submission for the promise to ever release.
As for me, my personal tastes change over time, depend on my mood and on the features of the bull. Even though my tastes are changing, I recognize that this type of relationship is very important to me, it fascinates me. I very much wish and want it.

So, the Cuckold needs a bull for his hotwife for the following needs:
provide full sexual satisfaction for his hot wife / girlfriend:
- willingness to treat the hot wife of a cuckold, as with his own woman
- willingness to fuck her with coercion and frenzy, sometimes ignoring her cuckold
- willingness to encourage a hot wife to do such depraved sexual things that she would never do with her cuckold
- it is possible, sometimes to force a cuckold to serve and clean the bull's cock personally, by mouth
- it is possible, sometimes to force a cuckold to prepare his wife for a bull, then leave the room to leave his wife and bull alone for sex

The perfect bull should be able to provide satisfaction not only for the hotwife, but also understand the needs of her husband-cuckold. Does the hubby want physical humiliation? Does the husband want to suck dick under duress?
Is it possible to restrict from sexual satisfaction? The ideal bull must also constantly communicate with her husband!
The main thing and it is important - choose on one-time or long-term relations of the qualitative candidate: his physical data are important, but tact and mutual sympathy define your further relation to him and this subject too!

Thus, all participants will be fully sexually satisfied of the cuckolding relationship.
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The ideal bull is a constant lover for the wife in a cuckold couple.
What does the perfect bull mean in my understanding:
  • Husband - He wants to learn love on a higher level. Love that does not burden the relationship with a sense of male ownership. The husband longs to get rid of this negative attitude towards his wife. And restrictions of the husband in sexual relations with the wife for this purpose the best medicine. Gradually giving up the role of lover for his wife, the husband develops and his sense of love grows infinitely.
  • Wife - She wants to be desired and available to another man (other men). She wants love, loyalty and care from her husband without feeling that she owes him something in sex. The wife wants to be loved without these conventions. And limiting the husband in sex, the wife does not want to humiliate his dignity or offend as a person. She does this only because she knows that the less traditional sex with her husband, the better for their relationship and for their family.
  • Lover (bull) - He gets pleasure not from banal sex with an available woman, but from the fact that he sees how LOVE develops in their married couple. Before His eyes and with His help, the wife blossoms and the husband develops. The ideal bull is a friend of the family. He is a constant sexual partner of the wife, who is respected by the husband. Restricting a husband's sexual relations with his wife is one of his top priorities!
That's about it.

I want to meet a married couple, preferably one who has been married for a long time. Experience in cuckold relationships does not matter. I've only ever had this experience with one couple. I'm not a collector. I want permanence. Relationships and friendships are not just about sex. Appearance, grooming, education, and interests in life matter. I will be happy to meet a couple who share my views and interests.