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Real Story How two Turkish males fucked my wife in front of me

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This real story happened when one day my wife and I rested in Turkey.
I was always visited by thoughts about the sex of my beautiful wife with other men, and here we were to visit the Turkish bath in the basement of the hotel. The hotel was small and in the Turkish bath is always a bit crowded. We went down in shorts and T-shirts, we were met and taken to the locker room. Besides us and 2 massage therapists there was nobody. Behind a thin partition we undressed naked and changed into swimming trunks and a swimsuit. At that moment, my dick began to strain at the thought of my naked wife behind a partition. Coming out of the locker room, I saw masseurs looking at the curtain, behind which my wife, bending down, opened her anus and pussy. These were two guys, 24-28 years old, muscular, with belt bandages that covered the penis slightly.
We were sent to the steam room, where it was comfortable and warm. We were on the shelves, and now and then the Turks resorted with invented reasons to stare at my wife's ass. Now the sauna itself was waiting for us, from anticipation my dick begin to strain again, but I skillfully masked it. The Turks began smearing us with oils, seeing my wife, who was brilliant in oil, under other men's hands, I began to feel sexual arousal. Turk took off my wife's bra and gladly massaged her back. The second Turk did not lag behind my butt and strongly massaged it, sometimes deliberately pushing my buttocks to the limit. Then the first asked his wife to take off her panties, which she did with extraordinary ease. I was excited to the limit from the fact that a foreign man was looking at my wife's bare ass. I was also asked to remove the panties and continued to massage the buttocks. From this process, my penis was already completely strained and already bulged sideways. My wife and I have already guessed what will happen now and silently turned away from each other.
Meanwhile, the Turk continued to push the buttocks of my wife and look at her holes, he stroked them as if by chance. Alina's pussy was flowing with might and main. For a minute I lay turned away and listened only to the squelching of others' hands on our bodies. Then Alina gave a little cry and I turned around. The Turk removed the bandage and with the words "Ero massage" masturbated his fat, huge dick. On the blue shiny head of the penis was a thick skin, which sometimes opened the hole. The Turk lathered Alina and lay on my wife on top. He began to fidget up and down her body, while his dick continued to slide between my wife's buttocks. She lay helplessly on her stomach, staring down. The second Turk did the same with me and I felt his dick on my ass. Everything in the soap, we fidgeted on the shelf a few minutes. Then the Turk put his huge cock in my wife's pussy and began to fuck her intensely and ruthlessly. My wife was moaning loudly, and I was crazy about what I saw. The second Turk turned me on my back, spread my legs, lay between them and began to fuck me like a girl. His huge penis rubbed against my stomach, and his hands he massaged my ass. Our bodies made a squishy sound from oil and soap, and the Turk simply snuffled in my ear. Meanwhile, my wife continued to moan from the onslaught of the Turkish stallion.
At some point, the first Turk loudly cum inside my wife, deeply sliding his dick into her uterus. When he pulled his penis out of her, I saw thick sperm that hung from the head of the penis. My wife continued to lie on her stomach.
The second Turk did not allow my wife to come to her senses immediately unceremoniously lay on top of her. Kissing eagerly and passionately, eating her lips and sticking his tongue into her mouth, at that time he was trying to open my wife's anus with his huge cock. But the virgin tight hole did not let him. Then he continued to fuck my wife’s vagina, already quite stretched by the previous stallion. And my wife groaned again.
Further the impetuous orgy began.
They forced me to suck and clean the cock of the first Turk after my wife's pussy. It smelled of sperm and secretions.
Then Alina was put on my face and I had to eat the cum flowing from her uterus.
After that, we were laid side by side on the floor and the Turks peed on top of us.
At the end of this orgy, my wife was forced to fuck me with a hand, three fingers of her hand were inside my anus, and from this, sperm oozed out of my cock. She continued to lick my cock, and behind her, her vagina masturbated in turn the Turks trying to place a fist inside her...
At that moment I felt like a cuckold.
But later in the hotel room, my wife and I had the coolest sex in the world. And we decided to repeat this experience later!


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Beautiful sexy exciting story!
I wish you success in new adventures :wink: