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Your wife is in bed like a naked queen!

She pleads with you while you make love - "Deeper! Stronger!". Grit your teeth and pound with all your might. Pound! Pound! Pound! However, she pleads. In her eyes, despair. Even deeper, even stronger!
You're as hard and deep as you can get. These are just her dirty talk.
Or does that mean...?
Is your not good enough?

Large, muscular, athletic folded. You see how they stare at your wife, how they view her swinging booty, in a tight skirt. Their eyes greedily glide over the curves of her beautiful body, glaring at her neckline.
Young strong men admire and desire your wife. You're clenching your fists nervously.
They look at you through a cocky grin - your sexy wife is very good for you! You and they understand it.
Long legs, elegant wide hips, delicious heavy breasts - too good for you!
Look at your penis in your hand while you jerk off. Short and thin.

Admit to yourself that it's not enough for your wife. It will never be enough for her! And for you too.

Remember the men's locker room. A tall athletic male walks by, proud and confident, completely naked.
You turn your head away so you don't have to look, but you see out of the corner of your eye something big hanging on his front. Thick and long. Massively swinging while he walks. You notice that there is some kind of magical force of attraction in it. He comes back from the shower, the muscles shine and wipes his body ... his dick. Wet hands glide over his massive dick, large balls hang very low and bounce, healthy and full of masculinity. He moves slowly, lovingly, trying to present every part of his manhood as if it were a show. You look in amazement, your eyes meet and through a cocky grin you can read his thoughts - dude, my cock is much bigger and longer than yours! Much bigger!
It frightens you, but you can't look away: the impressive, massive and very powerful big cock.
And these males are everywhere, they are watching your wife, at the beach, on the street, at work... anywhere. They know that your wife needs a lot more than you can give and do not respect marriage vows. They're just waiting in the wings.
What scares us is also intriguing.
You fear the energy of a huge dick.
But you are surprised when you sneak a look while in the locker room or on the beach at the amazing bulges in the men's swimming trunks of these males. It makes you wonder.
And in one of those frequent moments before the monitor, when you masturbate your small penis, and in front of you a sea of porn.
OMG, you see how a huge "BLACK" dick tearing up "WHITE" pussy. Incredibly large ebony black rods oozing in and out of ideal white silk folds - the contrast of love and passion! Pearl of male sperm and female juice - very sexy and wet!
Avast. Stop and get it out of your head.
But this is no longer possible, you are no longer interested in watching the usual vanilla porn.
What's next? Most likely you will continue to watch as black stallions fuck white Queens in the mouth, pussy, ass, constantly changing positions. Black men's huge cumloads spraying wildly on the face of a white woman.
What you see? Disgusting and weird? But at the same time insanely tempting.
What's next?
This is the time when you are like a drug attracts "cuckold" porn.
Trophy wives of flabby white husbands in the hotel room with strong black bulls with dick the size of your forearm, hanging balls, heavy and full.
Magnificent sex. Thick black dick in wet white pussy. Clawing and Moaning. A wife on her knees, worshipping the huge wet glans on a masculine black stud. The tandem yelling as both white woman and black man cum, bodies spasming wildly as the hung black bull slides deep for the win into the wonderful nude wife below.
What does the husband do?
He cum and his hands in the sperm, imaging in head how his nude wife have her pussy split by a hot and massive black bull.
And you are too.
Your brain is full of impressions and imagines how a black dick explores a white pussy, with all its possibilities. Tasting each other's flesh on the way to the highest orgasm.
You try to stop it in your head, but when you look at the orgasmic faces of these white wives with massive black cocks, you can't help but see the reflection of your own wife's face.
But your wife is not interested. She will never wear open sexy underwear for a black man, stripping slowly to reveal firm tits, her ass and wet white vagina. She's not interested in pulling down a briefs on a bull to reveal impressive massive black penis poking out at her with a droplet of precum on the tip and smell of purest testosterone emanating from her bull's chocolate scrotum? You're more than sure that when she begs you in bed, DEEPER and STRONGER, it's just her dirty talk! Is that right?
But no, it is not so!
It's not just your wife's dirty talk, it's what she needs! Your wife wants only stronger, deeper and much longer!
But you can't, no matter how hard you try, you can never do better!
In the end, everyone is ready to accept the truth in the superiority of the bull with his excellent powerful cock, which is simply not possible to compete with.
But you don't have to compete with that. You already understand it on a subconscious level. You have to give your wife what she needs.
It starts with a huge, realistic black dildo, thick and pleasant to the touch. Your wife is embarrassed - dear, what is it? But after several nights she got orgasms that you didn’t know about before. She likes it and she falls in love with it.
Next more - you watch porn together during sex with some soft interracial scenes, she does not resist it.
Next more - you fuck her vagina with a black dildo, while on the screen black men are fucking snow-white queens. Eyes your wife soak this spectacle and pussy explodes with moisture.
On the street, you point to her at a handsome black man and begin joking obscene comment, like...
You notice how she blushes. She's visualizing. It's progress.
Soon all your nights are filled with your wife's powerful orgasms, interracial porn, black dildo and dirty talk... My love, tell me, you want to enjoy a big hot black cock inside your vagina? How badly do you want it? Sly white naughty girl, tonight I will punish you with my black dick and it will be our secret from your husband, okay?

You are together on vacation.

On the beach, commenting together passing by beautiful black men... Her gaze is fixed on a tall muscular stallion barely concealing a gigantic bulge. You look at her and she notices it. She smiles and blushes, but looks hungry.
Walking on the sand in her string bikini she can feel every black male gaze on the beach fixed on her. Her white tanned skin shimmers in the sun. She looks very sexy. Who the utters - "Haai, gee my!"
You wife smacks her own ass, grins and adds more booty swing to her walk.
You're amazed at how confident she is in teasing men.
Doubts slowly dissipate, a stark truth is dawning upon you.
You had sex that night.
Black Dildo inside her vagina, on the screen interracial porn and again dirty dialogues. How much you love this huge black cock, my lovely. You want to try it, don't you?
Again the most powerful orgasm.
There comes a key moment.
She's lying on the bed completely naked. You're admiring her naked ivory body. She is sexy, sensual.
You're looking at your little penis.
You understand that what you were afraid of before must happen.
You didn't see the truth because you didn't want to see it, trying to convince myself otherwise.
Fear gave way to curiosity. By exploring your fear you got the answers you wanted to find.
Nothing to fear. You just can't compete. You don't have to do that.
You accept that your wife needs much more.
Will your wife ever be completely sexually satisfied, revealing the full potential of her sexuality? Will it be able to blossom completely and to feel the goddess of sexuality exploring the highest limits of her desires and possibilities?
You already know the answer and are determined.
Your throat is dry, your heart is beating fast, and your little penis is shrinking treacherously. You lovingly embrace his wife, who is still recovering from the orgasm. And she cuddles up to your chest.
She is your Queen, your ivory treasure, you took her as your wife, and that day you promised to make her the happiest woman on earth.
She is your Queen, your ivory treasure, you took her as your wife, and that day you promised to make her the happiest woman on earth.
You make up your mind and gently whisper a few uncertain words in her ear.
This is the moment when your relationship changes forever!
Do you know the exact words that needs to hear your lovely wife.
You want her to taste, to sense, to experience hot sex with real big black cock inside her vagina. You want to watch while black bulls plunder her booty and bring her to sexual heights which with her husband is impossible to achieve. You want to become a faithful cuckold for her so that she becomes completely free and sexually available for black men.
You say it, she slowly turns her head to look at you. You can't understand the look on her face and your breath catches!
"Are you serious?"
You nod your head.
"...wait, honey, do you really want your wife to be fucked by other men?"
You nod slowly and your heart is about to pound out of your chest.

After a year and a half...

You and your wife met the future together.
Life took you to a moment you never even dreamed of.
Your wife is looking much younger. She's having fun and smiling.
She wears beautiful sexy lingerie, short skirts and high heels.
What about you? You're happier than ever!
This is all because you have come to a mutual correct agreement about what secretly dream of many couples.
Your wife is happy and radiates female satisfaction!
Your friends and acquaintances also noticed these positive changes in her and wonder what is its secret...

Hotel room in an expensive hotel.

Your beloved wife completely naked on the bed, in the doggystyle position. Her back is arched, head held up and high. Heavy breasts hang. Closing her eyes, she moans loudly. The energy of sex filled the room. Squishing sounds of genitals rubbing against each other. Smell of the male seed and love woman juices permeating the air.
A strong black hand holds her hair tightly. Muscular black man behind her. His big black cock goes on for days, relentlessly penetrating your beloved wife's pussy on a holy mission. He growls with pleasure, feeling her tight meaty vagina gripping his solid ebony shaft. You wife milks his dick, eager to drive him over the edge and fill her womb with his hot african sperm, and he yearns to drain his large swollen balls inside the white ass before him. In fact, he made her his female, for breeding.
Your beloved wife looks so hot. Breathing heavily, you stand next to them and watch with trembling, like a healthy, young, virile black man fucking your wife. His muscular buttocks clinches tightly with each plunge into the wet white pussy being belonging to him. Your woman's hips move in time with her stud, a rhythmic fucking that hypnotizes you.
His movements become slow, measured. Deliberate deep thrusts. The black bull grimaces tightly, he roars loudly, now happens something. Pound after pound, as deep as possible inside your wife.
The breeding black bull throws his head back with a primal, masculine yell as he buries his massive hard black dick deep into the recesses of your beloved wife, leaving a potent tribute at the alter of her temple. She tried to push him off, with both the feelings of ecstasy and terror, but it was too late. His strong hands held down her, she was immobilized under his powerful body. You wife yelps in desperation, overcome with orgasm at the sensation of his hot sperm covering her womb. Her legs twitch violently. His bull testicles grip tightly into his groin as they dump unimaginable amounts of bull's seed into your beloved woman. The most intense orgasm she have ever had hit her as he continued thrusting and all she could do was grab his dark buttocks and pull him into her further. His big black cock was stretching her pussy to its limits. The black sperm poured out of my wife and ran down the insides of her thighs as he kept spurting. Feeling like an incredible load of sperm hitting her cervix triggered another orgasm of my wife.
She screamed and clawed at his back. She was letting a black man impregnate her, she had completely submitted to him in every way. Breaking such great taboo made her orgasm indescribably intense!
It's not just sex, it's fate. And it should have happened a long time ago. Two sexual icons - the powerful, potent black man and the soft, submissive snow-white woman - fusion of flesh.
All of you are satisfied and happy!
All you need is to overcome your fear and unwillingness to understand that a big bull cock will be able to do the very thing that you will never be able to. The only thing that prevents you from submission and making your married life full and happy is yourself.
Stop living a lie! Evaluate yourself, hug your wife and stop doubting!
Drop all fictional prohibitions and morals. Reach the last level in the cuckold nirvana. Really, do not try to deceive yourself.

Submission for married couple. You both know what you want.

  • Submit your beloved wife and yourself to a lifestyle big black cock worship.
  • Submit your beloved wife's cushy ass, her wet pussy, her hot mouth to bull's big black cock.
  • Submit you beloved wife to swallowing gallons of bull's healthy cum.
  • Submit beloved wife face down, ass up on your bed to a hard, excited black breeding bull who will give you both what all three of your need: sexual release unlocked by the powerful of hard, huge, masculine, and unimaginably superb black cock, satisfying every inch, every crevice of her deserving vagina.
Stop imagining and do it.
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