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Real Story Black bull-owner in our white married couple.

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My wife's submission to black master - the real story of my first experience as a cuckold.

My wife and I entered an expensive restaurant.
Of course, we can allow ourselves to go to such a restaurant, but knowing about the price of this food does not make it taste good.
The wife was in an evening dress, thin and tight-fitting without underwear.
You told me to be in strict trousers and also be without underwear. I went on padded feet and felt like the wool pants rubbing against my penis and how he would harden.
Thoughts are rushing in my head. I'm really scared. I was afraid that You would become everything to her when she felt a man's strength next to her. And I will be nothing but a shadow at Your feet.
But arousal and desire, made me bring my wife to you. Her pussy was shaved and ready. On Your order.
Now the evening dress tight and highlighted the contours of a shaved pussy. It blew my mind at the thought that today this part of my body would belong to a real black master.
My dick was also shaved and I felt completely naked.
We gave the outer clothing to the wardrobe and holding hands, went to the table in the shadow of the hall where You were waiting for our appearance.
When we approached You, You looked up at us, and the eyes of my wife began to look at Your shoes.
You extended a hand to my woman, kissed her and offered to sit down. She, blushing and hesitating, sat down near You, I and remained to stand near a little table. You did not pay any attention to me.

- What is such a beautiful lady doing next to a man who is not worth a nail on left pinky finger, at her beautiful leg?
- I love him ...
- Yes, it happens…

You smile and kiss her the handle, first from above, then palm. She is shy and blushes, lowers her eyes, but smiles. I'm still standing next to Your table. It seems to me that already all the waiters are looking at the scene when a man leads a beautiful woman by the hand to the table and stands next to him, without the opportunity to sit down.
You take out two $ 100 bills and throw them in front of me. And speak me without turning your head.

- This woman deserves a good bouquet. To her green eyes fit dark roses. But roses are trite, so I want to see a bouquet here that will make these eyes Shine and those plump lips will smile...

My wife blushes terribly, looks at Your hands, which squeeze her palms and smiles like a freshman.
I realize that if I now take back this money and go buy flowers for my wife, my status for her will be zero. As a man, I will cease to exist for her today. I'm just a servant to this black Lord, who is tightening his ring of charm around my beloved white wife. The woman whose every cell I kissed, the woman who gave me three children, the woman who is the universe to me.
But I blush, take money and go to find your favorite flowers.
While I was running around looking for the best flowers, a lot of thoughts raced through my head. Why have I fallen so low? How could I share my wife with another man? How will a loving and respectful wife treat me now? Who am I now if not her man?
When after 40 minutes I literally ran into the restaurant with a bouquet of flowers and my thoughts, I saw a completely different woman next to You, relaxed and laughing. I saw her sincere smile, her relaxed sexy pose, her shiny eyes and lips. You were both talking about sex, and I was standing there looking at her. I knew she hadn't been like this for years... Just for the sake of that smile on the face of my beloved wife was worth it today to come here...
I went to the table and handed you a bouquet and change. You took the bouquet and did not even pay attention to the change. You gave her a bouquet.

- Am I right with your favorite flowers? You told my wife.
- Oh yes, DEAR, you are just a miracle!!!

She didn't even look at me. I was just a messenger who brought a bouquet to a Woman from high society. And I simply don't exist in her world.

- By the way, do you remember that you have a surprise for our friend?
- Yeah, sure...

She took out from her purse a box that was tied with a pink ribbon. I realized that this "gift" You ordered her to buy for me when she retired to our bedroom and cooed for more than two hours with You on the phone.
I took the box, trembling hands tore the ribbon, it was an anal plug and a male chastity belt. She took my hand gently and told me to try it on now!
I retired to the toilet and lock my dick in a cage. The anal plug was big enough, so I had to work hard to stick her in my ass. I felt humiliated.
After that, You gave me a new assignment - to rent a hotel room in my name for You and now for Your woman. Prepare the bed, pour the champagne, leave the room door open and send sms when you're ready. When I left, You and my wife cooing like two lovebirds.
I did everything, send sms and sat on the floor near the prepared bed. My heart was beating like a jackhammer, my cock was trying to get an erection, and my brain was drawing images of You groping my wife in the elevator…
Here the door opened and on the threshold of emerged my wife. Her face was red, her lips were swollen, her eyes were shining, she was a little unsteady, her legs were wide apart. But most importantly... She was naked and she was wearing only stockings.
This nymph stood in the aisle, her labia were wet and swollen, and her chest heaved in time with the excited breathing. Only two words escaped her lips...

- Get out!

Her eyes were glassy and looked past me, her lips were clenched and she looked like a cruel egoist for whom only her desires exist...
I got up, walked past her, and came across in the hallway on You. You smiled and held in the hands of the dress, Your fingers glistened with her juice. I lowered my head and slowly walked into the hall to wait for the permission of the presence, when You fully satisfy your lust with my beloved wife.
I drank sitting in a bar and imagined you taming my beloved wife to carry out Your orders. As she caresses You after you roughly fucked her. As she licks Your cock after her ass...
I walked up to the door of the room several times that I rented for You and already Your white luxury slut for today.
Once I heard her screaming and crying. Once I heard strong and sharp blows of a whip. Once there was complete silence, but I thought I heard smacking sounds...
Already in the morning, I received an SMS "She is completely ready". I went into the open room.
In the shower the water gurgled, and my beloved wife was lying face down on the bed. She was wearing strict a dog-collar that was tight around her neck. There were fresh and strong whip marks on her back. Her buttocks were red. And her tight beautiful anus was stretched to a huge size and turned into a deep huge gaping asshole. He blossomed like a flower, exposing his insides. I don't think he'll be able to recover to his former size. Her labia strongly swollen and shimmered in lilac and blue hue and between them flowed thick muddy seminal fluid of our black lord, it flowed from her uterus on the sheet.
I do not know what came over me, but I rushed to lick my wife's pussy and eat cum. I wanted that liquid to stay inside us. You slept, but despite your tormented body, you smiled in your sleep.
I put a dress on you. Took you in his arms and carried you to the car…
You promised to tell me what the Master did to you, after you rested. But you told me it was the best night of your life!

And later me on email were relegated photos. Where my exemplary wife and mother of my children, spreads her buttocks in front of a giant black cock. Where her contented face and lips soiled with someone else's sperm. Where she greedily licks black eggs and kisses his feet. Where someone else's strong black hand unceremoniously holds her by the inside of the vagina and anus, being inside her.
Although why whose the hand? Maybe now, Lord, that's the best she's got. And now she has become a real hot wife!
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Very hot story!
I hope the black master continued to further dominate your wife.