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90% of women cheat. How to accurately detect wife cheating?


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In this thread of the forum, you will find only unconditional facts that no woman or wife can keep secret!
So, if you are reading this now for some reason, then at least you want to know everything in advance, no matter who you are - a deceived husband or a woman who wants to hide something.
This kind of information can't be superfluous! Those facts about infidelity that you will now read, except for the physiological ones, can only be hidden by the wisest woman.

How to determine your wife's cheating?

Signs of cheating wife physiological.

Not everyone can recognize female infidelity in physiology, but there is one way that does not require a visit to doctors. But you need to check for signs of infidelity on the same day when you began to suspect your wife of a family crime. It is desirable that you do not have sex with her for a few days before this. The most clear and easy to see:
  • Bluish or reddish spots around the buttocks;
  • There may be blood spots or skin particles under your fingernails;
  • Slight swelling on the neck around the ears.
  • Foreign smell. Whether it is the smell of men's perfume, sweat, or, conversely, the smell of the body after a shower.
Many husbands will be able to accurately determine by smell whether the wife had sex with another man. By the way, if after sex with her lover, she had time to take a shower, then for sure she also updated her makeup and hairstyle.
Irritation on the skin. After a passionate love meeting, the wife's cheeks and chin may remain irritated and reddened by male stubble.
Bruises of unknown origin. On the breast, legs, hands, thighs. And you never know where else. It is desirable that the wife explain their origin.
On the body of a traitor, you can detect the above with the naked eye. But then you need to be more careful, we will talk about the intimate area of a woman. Two factors play an important role here: whether you have different penises with your intended lover or not.
If his cock is thicker, you will immediately feel it, if his dick is longer - no, if the length and width do not differ, you will have to understand this during penetration into the vagina. This is your first and only chance to determine whether your wife is cheating, as her body will begin to adapt to both penises.
It is better to penetrate it at the initial stage of its arousal, the shape from the inside of vagina will be slightly different than usual, since all penises are different.
Again, you should take into account the characteristics of the body, because they are all different. Some women rebuild quickly, others need time, so I do not recommend betting on this aspect.

Sexual signs of infidelity of the wife.
A sexual sign of cheating female can be considered the wife's attempts to avoid sex with her husband in all ways. She either falls asleep before her husband, or finds "urgent" chores around the house and finishes them when her husband is already asleep. This can go on for quite a long time, and when the deceived husband still manages to get sex from his legal spouse, surprises can wait for him in bed:
She became cold and indifferent. Passion, mutual caresses and hugs, kisses and games – it's all as if it never happened. It seems that she tolerates sex with her husband, and does not enjoy it.
The wife suddenly asked me to diversify sex.
Perhaps she has new sexual techniques, she has become more relaxed or demanding. This behavior can be perceived as an attempt to compare a husband with a lover – who can give more in sex?
In a fit of passion, another man's name came out of the mouth of his beloved wife - You don't have to comment here.

How do I recognize wife's cheating in her underwear?
Those who are looking for a way to recognize the infidelity of his wife in his underwear, will be surprised. This sign is not any traces left on the underwear during sex, but the underwear itself.
If buying a new set of sexy underwear at least once a week has recently become a pattern, most likely a wife quite often enters into sexual sexual contact with someone she wants to impress. If this lucky man is not a husband, it is most likely another man!

How do I know that my wife is cheating on her husband in appearance?
It is not always possible to understand whether the spouse was unfaithful or not. In this case, you need to be very attentive to everything, including the actions, attitude, and even the appearance of your beloved woman. Let's look at a few rules about how to find out if your wife is cheating:
  • Basically, a thorough inspection of the appearance and condition of the wardrobe begins. View your spouse's clothing as soon as she returned from work or from guests she visited without you. If you notice someone else's hair or torn stockings, you should wonder what kind of guests she was;
  • If your beloved did not spend so much time on her appearance, and then, for no reason at all, she began to make up, model her eyebrows, shave her legs, then it is better to think. These are the first signals of the upcoming test of loyalty;
  • Check if it smells like someone else's men's perfume;
  • It is also worth paying attention to the wife's face, namely the skin condition. Not all men shave during the day, so on very sensitive female skin there are light scratches from kissing.
Well, finally, common signs that the wife is cheating.
Sometimes, a husband can not determine that his wife is cheating, due to increased suspicion. Sometimes some little things give out and confirm that this situation has happened, but not everything is clear. The stories are different, it can be preparation for a surprise for you, or problems that are not yet known and confirmed, if not thoroughly analyzed, etc. For these reasons, we do not recommend panicking ahead of time, it is better to consider the nuances:
  • By chance, a beautiful new underwear was found in my wife's closet, but she did not show it to you. If it has a tag and is new, wait a little and check after a while whether it was exactly bought for you;
  • There are more frequent moments when he does not spend the night at home. If she is not someone's mistress, then spending the night with someone is a clear sign of infidelity. But! This may also mean the fact of a sick mother, father, friend-this is to be clarified;
  • If you have always been at home (in the usual state), but she ran away after an incomprehensible call — this may also indicate that something is wrong in your married life;
  • The appearance of new things or jewelry that you did not give her, as well as that the woman argues suspiciously or too banal, can also be a sign. Think about this point.
  • Sometimes, wives begin to lie and talk about what they have acquired for themselves.

Answer directly to the question: "How to understand that a wife is cheating on her husband?" not so easy.
It is very difficult to judge by one sign, you need to be sure of this, and beliefs must be reasoned and provable!

P.S. Sorry for my english.